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CRM Consultancy

One key challenge associated with a CRM solutions is the need to invest significant amount of money in the system and process. Most of the times, here is the slip between the cup and the lip as far as CRM implementations are concerned. These relate to the lack of coordination between the businesses and the vendors that usually result in the requirements being not met because the vendors did not understand the requirements properly and the businesses were pressurizing the vendors for faster implementations and quicker results. Apart from these challenges, the users need to be trained properly and this is an aspect that does not receive the attention it deserves. This is because of the fact that unless the users are trained in using the CRM software, there are likely to be mismatches between the user expectations and the reality of the implementation. Companies are also often confused which CRM Product to buy and what model of CRM Product to adopt (SaaS, Enterprise - On – Premise, Hybrid), where to start and how to get it rolling successfully.

How do we help?

The significance of CRM is that it revolutionizes the customer relationship process by automating the customer life cycle and by integrating the entire customer management process incorporating both internal stakeholders and external customers.

Profoundconsultants have spent more than a decade using and engaging with top CRMs. Our team has immense experience working and delivering CRM solutions to clients across the globe. We study, understand your business processes , system requirements and provide solutions tailored to your specific needs, with primary focus on delivery of quality of services in a time bound manner.We help you in not only putting your CRM requirements together but also buying the right product. Profound bridges the gap between the company and the vendor leading to lesser restrains and highly rates of adoption and avoiding cost overruns.

We start every engagement with an in-depth analysis of a client's current CRM capabilities. Together with you, we find significant opportunities to improve your relationships with internal customers. Following proven consulting processes, our specialists wrap these insights in an optimal CRM solution that meets your business needs and makes your CRM investment a success.

Our Services

  • Help companies in the entire process of buying the right CRM.
  • Assist in documentation of putting CRM requirements together.
  • Optimal utilization of the platform post roll out.
  • Convey the CRM value to end users so that usage is high and management derives long term benefits through focused group discussions and formal classroom trainings.
  • Users often think CRM is a hidden monitoring tool, it is not and we tell them just that.
  • Profound guides users derive overall value of using a CRM.

Benefits of working with Profound

  • Our CRM experience in all aspects including marketing, sales and customer service.
  • Over 15+ years of experience in CRM selling and consulting.
  • Experience in both custom as well as out of box products available.
  • In-depth and huge domain and understanding of CRMs end to end.
  • Implementation experience in CRM is our advantage.
  • Multi industry domain experts who understand CRM fitment into verticals better.