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About Us

Profound Consulting and Training LLP is an organisation founded by people who have worked for more than 17 years in the corporate world. Profound combines the power of innovation and product quality to passionately create world class services that cater to customer needs across diverse industries. We are a leading global consultancy and training company, offering a full range of offerings for any business. We build innovative solutions and help you holistically from your staffing & recruitments to your internal training needs. We also provide consultancy on CRM product and implementation & help you maximize the usage of CRM product within your system leading to higher ROI. Profound is governed by its principles of transparency and good governance at all levels. Our goal is to become a leading corporate, which makes a difference in the lives of our customers. With intense passion to change and vast experience, we wish to carve a niche for ourselves and for our customers and be recognized as the preferred partner for CRM consultancy, training and staffing needs.

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Our Services
Corporate Trainings
Champion trainings for everyday people
CRM Consultancy
CRM doesn’t have to be hard if you plan it well
Campus Trainings
Step on the right path to reach your destination
Recruitment and Staffing
End of the day, you stake on people, not strategies